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Airfield Driving Classes

Movement Area and Limited Movement Area Driver's Training

Non-Movement Area Driver's Training

Class Schedules

Class Sign Up

It is important that you study the Training Manual and Driver Training Map (attached above) for the class you are signing up for. Failing to review the provided materials prior to attending a training class will severely hinder your chances of successfully passing the class exam.

***Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. Attendees who arrive 5 minutes past the scheduled class time will NOT be allowed to take the class. They will need to reschedule the class for another day.***

*You are encouraged to bring class materials with you for review and note taking before the exam. A copy of the manual and map will be available in class for review if you are unable to print them out*

*Everyone should bring a writing utensil with them to class*

*Please refer to the "Training Center Map" document above for information regarding the location of the Training Center on the B-Concourse*

**Class Pre-requisite:

The St. Louis Lambert Airport Authority requires any employee who will be responsible for taxiing aircraft to first provide written documentation (Driver Training Log attached above) of at least 4 hours of hands on taxi instruction by an authorized instructor selected by the airline prior to registering for the Movement Area class. The Airport Authority expects class attendees to have significant experience not only taxing the aircraft, but operating and communicating in the Movement Area with Air Traffic Control, and be well versed in runway incursion prevention. Class attendees must present completed log to class administrator prior to beginning the Movement Area Driver’s Training Class. **

Please note if you are rescheduling to a different date and time. Also indicate whether or not you are attempting to become certified as a "Train the Trainer".

Please select only 1 class. If you are unsure whether to attend the movement, limited movement or non-movement class, please ask your supervisor or contact Ops at (314) 426-8040.

Once a class roster is full, you will no longer be able to select the class from the drop-down menu.

Thank You for your submission.