Airport Notices:


On Saturday, August 24, MetroLink will not be running trains to or from STL. MetroLink will be operating shuttle buses from its North Hanley MetroLink Station to and from STL. Details here

Properties Division Contacts


Division Manager

Robert Salarano                     (314) 426-8178  

Assistant Division Manager

Jean Tiemann                           (314) 890-1829 

Division Supervisor

Ryan Stoffel                           (314) 426-8033  

Administrative Assistant

Christina Bruening                  (314) 426-8072  

Division Secretary

Sarah Mosley                          (314) 426-8184  

Aviation Affairs, Lease Agreements, Space Permits

Ryan Stoffel                          (314) 426-8033  

Rochelle Pruitt                        (314) 426-8188  


Justin Jackson                         (314) 426-8189  

Contracts and Service Agreements

Gigi Glasper                            (314) 890-1802  

Ground Transportation

Alexis Burnett                        (314) 890-1812 


Tenant Construction Application Process and Risk Management (Insurance)

Kathryn Ruth                          (314) 426-8102