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SMS Hazard Reporting

Hazard Reporting Resources

The Airport has two resources for employees with Airport-issued ID badges to report non-emergency airside or landside hazards:  the Confidential Hazard Reporting Website and the Hazard Reporting Telephone Hotline.

All airport employees are encouraged to utilize these two resources to make STL a safer working and operating environment.

Note:  For emergencies or situations requiring immediate assistance, please contact:

STL Airport Police Department & EMS:  314-426-8100

STL Airport Fire Department:  314-426-8133

STL Airport Operations Center:  314-426-8041

Confidential Hazard Reporting Website

Click Confidential Hazard Reporting Form to report hazards, near misses or safety issues. 

Hazard Reporting Telephone Hotline

Dial 314-426-8117 to report hazards, near misses or safety issues.